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NOW HIRING - Liaison

CAIR Georgia is looking to build our CAIR for a Vote elections team. This team will fuel CAIR Georgia’s GOTV and voter engagement efforts alongside our coalition partners. Voting is a fundamental right, and our pursuit of a truly representative democracy demands that we engage every eligible voter to register and vote in November, particularly members of underrepresented communities across the state.


We are currently seeking applicants for two (2) GOTV canvasser positions, our two (2) community organizer positions, and one (1) liaison position to help supervise the canvassers and organizers and coordinate our efforts with the Georgia Muslim Voter Project.


GOTV CAIR Georgia/Georgia Muslim Voter Project Liaison Job Description:

Under the direction and supervision of CAIR Georgia & Georgia Muslim Voter Project, this temporary position will be primarily responsible for supervising CAIR Georgia’s CAIR for a Vote elections’ team and coordinating efforts between CAIR Georgia and Georgia Muslim Voter Project to help achieve CAIR Georgia’s strategic objectives.

CAIR Georgia will be hiring a liaison with the expectation of this liaison being able to work collaboratively. The liaison will have the responsibility of representing CAIR Georgia and our values to the public, supervising the CAIR for a Vote elections team, coordinating efforts between CAIR Georgia and Georgia Muslim Voter Project, educating and identifying supporters in our community and mobilizing them to join our campaigns, accurately and timely completing data entry, and meeting personal goals.


The liaison will work with the guidance of CAIR Georgia’s, policy, communications,

and legal teams at the affiliate as well as coordinating with Georgia Muslim Voter Project’s election team. 

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Mobilize and expand support for state-based civil rights issues among Georgia Muslims by educating, identifying, and recruiting supporters and volunteers to participate in civil rights campaigns and programs.
  • With the guidance of the legal, policy,  and communication departments, be able to carry out persuasive and informative conversations with residents regarding the CAIR Georgia and our current campaigns
  • Work with advocacy technology tools, including tracking and entering data in relation to supports and the advocacy actions they take.
  • Represent CAIR Georgia in a positive and informed light with the general public, community organizations, and coalition partners.
  • Assist people in carefully and correctly filling out voter registration forms
  • Engage with the public in a friendly and professional manner
  • Strictly follow the campaign's safety protocols and compliance with daily health and safety guidelines
  • Familiarize yourself with state registration laws and statutes, and comply with all applicable legal requirements and processes for registering voters
  • Other duties as assigned


Canvassers should possess the following experience and personal attributes:

  • Individuals who have personal experience with immigration, incarceration, the criminal justice system and/or are bilingual are encouraged to apply.
  • A history of working collaboratively and successfully with people and organizations from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and a broad range of ideological positions and religious views.
  • Charismatic, energetic, and passionate about voting rights and the importance of voter registration
  •  Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Strong oral communication skills.
  • Creative, results-oriented, self-starting, and willing to learn.
  • Commitment to the mission and goals of CAIR Georgia



This is a part-time, temporary position. Compensation is $15/hour, with an anticipated weekly shift of 10-20 hours. Shifts will include occasional weekends. The position is not eligible for fringe benefits.



  • Prior experience with voter registration or other canvassing operations is preferred but not required. We will consider candidates with comparable experience.
  • Energetic, outgoing, and willing to talk to the public
  • Leadership experience, ability to motivate, grow, and meet goals
  • Strong passion for community organizing and fostering civic engagement
  • Must be able to work online 


Application Procedure

Submit a resume and two personal or professional references (identifying their relationship to you and including their email address and phone number). 


Email your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.