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Georgia Muslims Call on Gwinnett Commissioner To Apologize or Resign For Calling John Lewis a "Racist Pig"

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(ATLANTA, GA - 1/16/17) Georgia's Muslim community today called on Gwinnett County Commissioner Tommy Hunter to either apologize or resign after he called Congressman John Lewis a "racist pig" in a Facebook post.

"Georgia Muslims feel a special affection for Congressman John Lewis, whose legacy reminds our community that winning civil rights and defeating bigotry are achievable goals," said Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of CAIR Georgia. "If a civil rights icon like Rep. Lewis is not safe from vile words of hatred, no one is. Mr. Hunter should apologize without reservation or resign without delay."

A variety of organizations, including The Georgia NAACP, have denounced Hunter's remarks as well as President-Elect Trump's false accusation that Rep. Lewis' district is crime-riddled.

"Any politician who has the audacity to accuse a civil rights leader of racism lives in a hypocritical fantasy world where up is down and left is right," Mitchell added. "Georgians of all backgrounds should continue speaking out until Commissioner Hunter apologizes or resigns."


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