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During Two-Day Visit To Augusta, CAIR-GA Delivers Khutba, 'Islam 101' and 'Know Your Rights' Presentations

Augusta(AUGUSTA, GA - 3/3/17) The Georgia chapter of the Council-American Islamic Relations made a two-day visit to the Islamic Society of Augusta to deliver an Islam 101 presentation, a Know Your Rights seminars, and the Friday sermon during Jum'ah. 

"We thank the leaders of the Islamic Society of Augusta for inviting CAIR Georgia to visit its strong and vibrant community," said Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of CAIR-GA. 

Dozens of Augusta residents attended the Islam 101 presentation, "Lifting the Veil: Rebutting Bigotry & Terrorism," which covered Muslim demographics, beliefs and practices, as well as hot topics such as the twin threats of anti-Muslim bigotry and Muslim extremism.

During the Know Your Rights presentation, CAIR-GA educated ISA members about their legal rights during traffic stops, courtroom visits, FBI interviews, and airport travel, particularly in light of President Trump's "Muslim Ban."

Mitchell also discussed safety and security during the Jum'ah sermon, encouraging the mosque to keep its doors locked, use security cameras, and employ armed security during well-attended events. Mitchell also encouraged Augusta residents who are visibly Muslim, such as women who wear hijabs, to be vigilant and carry self-defense tools such as tasers or pepper spray.