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CAIR-GA Outreach Director Asma Elhuni Encourages Clarkston To Protect Immigrants From Overreach By ICE

clarkstonasma(CLARKSTON, GA - 4/27/17) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today spoke at a meeting of the Clarkston City Council.

During the city council meeting, CAIR-GA outreach director Asma Elhuni argued in favor of a proposal designed to reassure Clarkston residents, many of whom are immigrants from Middle Eastern and African nations, including Somalia.

"We thank the City of Clarkston for creating a warm and welcoming environment for its residents, including immigrants who have rebuilt their lives here in Georgia," Elhuni said. "In order to maintain that warm and welcoming environment, Clarkston should pledge not to detain or hold residents at the request of the Trump Administration without a valid federal warrant. In doing so, Clarkston can grant residents peace of mind, encourage them to contact law enforcement for help, and ensure the government enforces our immigration laws fairly and wisely."